Project Management and Architectural Design

Our versatility is founded on teamwork - not just within our practice, but also in partnership with other planning, design and engineering consultants.   Whenever possible, we also aim for close co-operation with other professionals, including solicitors and accountants, whose role can impact on the effective management of your commercial property.

Our designers will provide cost effective solutions to meet your needs based on a record of successful projects spanning from the Midlands to the South Coast. We understand that good design has to be cost effective but at the same time we are able to create the appropriate, sustainable and logical answers to your particular project requirements. Each project we undertake tailors these requirements with our understanding of the commercial property market to ensure that the end product provides a marketable solution with the maximum amount of adaptability in-built for the future.

In short, we have the expertise, industry contacts and wide-ranging commercial experience to assemble the team you require, or to manage your projects utilising our own internal professional design team.

To discuss all of your project management and architectural design requirements please contact:

Bryan Engwell, Director, Head of Project Management & Architectural Design on: 

01279 620204 or via Email: